This man must really like his hair.

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this is tumblr… we don’t speak sport

This post applies especially to you

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My favorite part of a goal is when the guy just skates to a certain spot, stops, and wait for everyone else with there arms open like “yes, I did the thing and now you love me!”

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geno’s house

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this team is a joke


this team is a joke

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After a questionable call puts Dan Carcillo in the penalty box, Carcillo gets the last laugh and helps give the Rangers a 2-1 lead in the series against the Philadelphia Flyers 

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The only thing you need to know about the playoff hockey in montreal is that i was at a bar tonight for the game and i needed to pee but was worried i would miss something in the game

no need to worry, there was a tv with sound in the restroom and i could see it from my stall

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Wil Wheaton, I love you even if you cheer for the wrong hockey team…


Tonight the San Jose Sharks beat the Los Angeles Kings to take the best of 7 series to 3 games to nil in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, some sports stuff happened in a very close and high-energy game. The game was played at Staples Center in LA, which meant some pretty high-profile people were at the game- among them Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame… and if I just really had to explain that you’re missing out) and geek icon Wil Wheaton. 

Let me tell you a little bit here. I love Wil Wheaton. He’s an incredibly nice guy, has a really down to earth attitude, and is a fantastic writer. Oh, and he has a pretty fantastic family, too. Let me also say this: Wil Wheaton is an avid LA Kings fan whereas I am a ridiculous San Jose Sharks fan and the teams are bitter rivals. Wil is so well known as a Kings fan, he actually took over their Twitter feed during the 2nd period of the game today. And here’s what happened…

Witty, dorky, and pretty typical of #TeamHorsemask. What happened next makes me a little ashamed of fans of my favorite franchise.

This is from a guy with a clearly Sharks-centric logo. Hardcore not cool. 

THIS IS WHERE I GET SUPER UNPOPULAR. Hockey fans (and, really, all sports fans for that matter), it’s time to take a page out of the geek code and look to Wheaton’s law: don’t be a dick. It’s not funny, it’s not witty, and it definitely makes those of us who are not legitimately scary look terrible. Rivalries aside, this sort of behavior is really not cool. And don’t give me some sort of #yolo #BecauseItsTheCup logic. Because it’s the Cup, the players strive to be better… shouldn’t the fans? 

So, I challenge anyone who reads this, let’s make sure hockey’s fun. I know it’s a pretty intense sport with historic rivalries and high tension, but the thing I don’t like is being scared of another team’s fan when I’m out at a game in my jersey. Don’t be a dick, and let’s not feed the trolls. Unless it’s good-natured ribbing, but that’s a whole different game.

After all, I love you wilwheaton, even if you cheer for the wrong hockey team. Go Sharks.

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Death Letter - White Stripes

If Jack was an athlete he would play hockey

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"What do you call a life dedicated to hockey? I call it time well spent." — Sidney Crosby

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4/21/14, post-game — “Marc, how do you stay focused in that situation [letting in 2 early goals]? They were certainly swarming there. What are you thinking about? What are you trying to focus on?”

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