the--northface said: Future leader, handsome, all American


my thought process:

…ryan kesler?

which doesn’t seem right at all, given that afaik you don’t have a lot of kesler feels, and so i stared at the ceiling and i thought and i thought and it thought and THEN:

unless it’s…

nebulia13 said: any team he plays on is automatically the most attractive team in the league. magnificent beard.


here have some shirtless johnny

debating the merits of making food because i am going out to dinner in a few hours and i want to be able to eat my weight in tasty things

but like…i’m hungry now


send me vague descriptions of hockey players and ill try and guess em

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sun’s out, guns out

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So there you go, that’s classic Sid. That’s just the way he is.

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"My family is full of educators and all I’ve ever known is seeing people help kids. My dad’s a principal, my sister’s a teacher, my other sister’s a teacher, her husband’s a teacher. I feel it’s my duty and responsibility to give back. Give back to a game that’s allowed me to provide for my family. My father always taught us that sacrifice and practice make us better. Continued positive reinforcement has made my brothers and me the players we are today and we’re eager to pass on that message to those that may follow in our footsteps."

The Subban family teamed up for Hyundai Hockey Helpers, a program that will help children across Canada cover the cost of playing hockey.

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Evgeni Malkin’s toughest loss this season came in Sochi. Failing to win a gold medal in his home country weighed heavily on the Russian star.  A conversation with his captain, who faced similar pressure in the past, helped reignite the former Conn Smythe winner. (x)

this is like a hockey eharmony ad. 

not almost

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Day made.


Day made.

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